Monarch’s commitment to quality is deeply rooted in the products and services we deliver to our customers every day. As a medical product manufacturer, it is our goal to provide safe, effective, and reliable products to our customers. By reporting a product complaint to Monarch, you provide us with important feedback about our products.

Any communication (written, electronic or verbal) that alleges deficiencies related to a Monarch product after it is released for distribution.

Examples include:
After opening the package, the product is found broken

Please report all alleged product deficiencies within 48 hours.

Use the Monarch Product Incident Report form below or call (833) 469-8378 Extension 9 Monday through Friday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm EST

If you are unable to complete the Product Incident Report Form below, please include the following information in your email to

Reporter Information

  • Reporter’s Name (First and Last Name):
  • Reporter’s Email Contact:
  • Reporter’s Telephone Contact:
  • Facility Name (Where the incident occurred):
  • Facility Address (Street, City, Province, Postal Code):

Product Details

  • Product Name:
  • Material/Catalog Number:
  • Lot number(s):

Event Description

  • Date of Incident (MM/DD/YYYY):
  • Date Monarch notified, if applicable (MM/DD/YYYY):
  • Name of Monarch associate informed, if applicable (First and Last Name):
  • Description of Event (Give specific and objective details of event):
  • Sample availability (Yes/No):
  • Was there any alleged Injury or Harm to User or Patient? (Give detailed information):

Product Complaint Incident Report Form